Alpha Training Safety Solutions Limited, established in 2002, provides local and national Health & Safety, First Aid, Manual Handling, Construction Skills and Confined Space training. It is part of the Lyra Group which includes Rescue 2 Limited (confined space technical rescue service) and Face Fit Testing UK Limited (qualitative and quantitative face fit testing services).

What issues were identified

Alpha Safety Training Solutions Limited had a marketing strategy in terms of social media, blogs, networking, and trade shows but needed direction and support in team culture, style, reporting, consistency, and ownership.  Also identified was the opportunity to create a joined-up approach to the sales strategy, processes and utilising their bespoke CRM system.  The Training Coordinators were also completely new to the business as well as sales and account management. Using the telephone and talking to their customers was unfamiliar, they needed to build confidence so delivering specific telephone training techniques was recognised.

Why Alpha chose Your Sales Partners to work with them

Louise Grant and Emma Ball (Business Development Manager) had attended a Phones Skills workshop that Katharine had run for the Arun Business Partnership in 2019. They had thoroughly enjoyed it, finding the content very helpful and engaging and Katharine’s down-to-earth, easy-to-understand coaching style and approach to training had them brimming with enthusiasm to use the telephone to win more business and incorporate it as part of their sales strategy.

In 2021, when Emma had come back from maternity leave (and post Covid) into her role as Business Development Manager, Louise got in touch with Katharine and asked if she could come on board to help Emma with training the new team and with implementing a winning sales process and strategy.

How Your Sales Partners responded

Katharine worked with Emma and the new Training Coordinators to review, adapt and update the sales process for incoming leads and outbound lead generation to achieve consistency, team cohesion and a sales strategy that would enable the business to grow.

In addition to tailored telephone and sales skills training workshops delivered to the Training Coordinators and the Employed Trainers, Katharine came to the Alpha offices one day a month over an initial period of 6 months, then extended by another 3 months, spending one to one training time with the team and providing weekly tele-coaching support to Emma to review progress and discuss goals.

Solution and outcome:

  • Implemented a new lead CRM process for all new enquiries.
  • Devising a new CRM Dashboard so that each team member knew exactly what tasks and calls needed to be done.
  • Introduced a new incoming enquiries process so that all enquiries were checked daily and allocated to the Training Coordinators to make a follow-up call.
  • A new Customer Feedback and Thank You process was implemented.
  • Templated reactive and proactive emails were devised and uploaded to the CRM to send to the new enquiry.
  • Introduced a weekly team meeting to check on new ‘live’ leads and actions to be conducted that day and allocated
  • Carried out a 10-day telemarketing campaign to update all the contacts on the CRM so that the Training Coordinators were up to date with a Next Action – or had made a booking for their next training course.

The results

Alpha has now a confident and happy Training Coordinator team and a fully-fledged sales process with their CRM for all inbound enquiries and outbound calls. This has resulted in achieving their highest number of bookings in April this year and on average onboarding 8 new clients a month.

The 10-day telemarketing campaign resulted in the cleansing of data of over 800 records, reconnected with clients, especially since Covid and subsequently 8 clients booking onto training courses. This resulted in a 48% increase on the previous month in sales in the first month alone.

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