The Happy Recruiter Workshops

Highly targeted workshops to help you learn how to be a top performing Recruitment and Search Consultant in the tough jobs and careers marketplace of today. Suitable for a recruitment fledgling or a fully grown Recruitment professional.

The Happy Candidate

Attract, look after and place the best candidates

  • The Power of Attraction
  • First Impressions Count
  • The Candidate Journey

The Registration; Interview techniques and questions to help turn candidates into your loyal and ‘Raving Fans’

  • The Process
  • The Interview, including Setting the Tone, Questioning Techniques & Reading Between the Lines
  • The Promise & The Guarantee

The CV; how to create CV’s that get selected for interviews and represent your candidate accurately

  • The Profile Statement
  • Features and benefits
  • Keeping it real
  • The Gap Statement

Selling the Job to the Candidate and Prepping for interview

  • Q&A and Compelling Job Descriptions
  • Features, benefits, USP’s and playing Matchmaker
  • Preparation is King – How to help the Candidate to Sell Themselves
  • Going with your Gut

Handling the Job Offer/Rejection with your Candidate

  • Tips, techniques, and timing on handling updates and feedback

Beyond the Job Offer – staying in touch

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of staying in touch
Total Workshop Duration: 1/2 Day

The Happy Client

Qualifying leads

  • How to identify and qualify leads
  • Speed up the sales process

The cold call (Build Your Own Call Script)

  • Handling the Gatekeeper
  • Gaining permission
  • Your 30-Second Pitch
  • Open Questions
  • Closing Techniques
  • Generating Appointments
  • Features & Benefits
  • Objection Handling

The client visit and nurturing your client

  • The Plan, the Purpose, and how to Prepare
  • New Client Visit v Client Service Visit
  • Managing & hosting Virtual Meetings and How to Close
  • Nurturing your client – tips and techniques to keep them close
  • Lead Nurturing and Relationship Building Techniques
  • Turn prospects into customers
  • Learn techniques in how to ensure all qualified prospects remain nurtured in your sales pipeline until they are ready to buy from you

The job spec and how to get full fees and not discount

  • Mind your language
  • Keeping it real
  • Key techniques and tips to avoid discounting fees

How to match jobs, sell the candidate to the client and handling the job offer

  • Playing Matchmaker
  • References, making that call, and ‘Above and Beyond’
  • Feedback, the job offer, and the notice period

How to be a real consultant to your client

  • Probing the Process
  • Where they’re going, not just where they’ve been
Total Workshop Duration: 1/2 Day

The Profitable Desk

KPI’s and why are they important

  • The KPI Dashboard
  • Reactive v Proactive activities
  • Collaboration or Imposed

Mastering your KPI’s; How to consistently reach and exceed your targets

  • Getting the Maths – How KPI’s get worked out
  • The Secret of Exponential Growth

Setting KPI’s and SMART Goals

  • SMART – how it works
  • Setting your own KPI’s and SMART goals (consultant)
  • Setting your team KPI’s and SMART goals (manager)

Remote working the Profitable Desk

  • How to identify the main challenges of remote working & how to overcome them
  • How to stay connected, collaboratively and as part of a remote team
  • Communication, time management, motivation, and ‘switching off’ methods and techniques for staff and managers

Managing & hosting Virtual Meetings with Clients, Prospects and Candidates

  • Which Virtual Meeting platform to use?
  • How to set up a virtual meeting/interview including sample invites
  • How to structure & run your virtual meeting/interview
  • Hosting your virtual meeting/interview – tips and techniques on presentation, speaking skills, and confidence building
  • How to close your virtual meeting/interview – including next Action Steps & Closing the Sale/selling the Job

Your individual Profitable Desk Action Plan

  • Work together to put your personal Action Plan in place to smash your targets, achieve your goals and get your commission
Total Workshop Duration: 1/2 Day

The Happy Recruiter bespoke workshops can be delivered on-site (by arrangement) or via Teams or Zoom and include one Workbook per participant. The workshops can be delivered in half-day chunks or a whole one-day learning experience.

The bespoke workshops are suitable for those new to recruitment and experienced recruiters, from high street to executive search, industrial and commercial to specialist sectors.

The focus is on building sales confidence, improving phone and communication skills, and implementing proven sales processes and structure. Above all, they enable you/your team to become consistently top performing ‘Happy Recruiters’.

Get in touch now to book your own Happy Recruiter Workshops or alternatively, talk with us about arranging your own 1:1 tele-coaching and online personalised training plan.

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The Happy Recruiter

Highly targeted workshops and/or 1:1 tele-coaching training sessions to help you learn how to be a top performing Recruitment and Search Consultant in the tough jobs and careers marketplace of today. Suitable for a recruitment fledgling or a fully grown Recruitment professional.

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