Your Sales Tool Kit

Your ‘Sales Process in a Box’

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Your Sales Tool Kit

Tried, tested, and proven processes and templates, samples and examples to use whether you have a new or start-up business that needs a ‘Sales Process in a Box’ or are an established business needing to simplify, streamline and refresh the sales process for a growing sales team.

Standard – £395+VAT

Your Sales Tool Kit including customisable Your Sales Action Plan.

Premium – £495+VAT

Your Sales Tool Kit, customisable Your Sales Action Plan, 60-minute 1:1 tele-coaching support session.

Tele-coaching – £150+VAT

A 60-minute 1:1 tele-coaching support session.

The Kit includes:

  • Call Script Outline
  • Weekly Report for monitoring KPI’s
  • Sample Database and Lead Qualifications
  • Sample LinkedIn Connect messages
  • Sample Proactive and Reactive emails
  • Sample Open Questions
  • Sample Common Objections
  • Sample Closing Techniques

Your Sales Tool Kit

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